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Pico Laser Treatment
  •  Tattoo Removal 

  •  Freckle Removal 

  •  Pigment Removal 

  • Skin  Rejuvenation

What is the Pico Laser?

Safe and effective removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, as well as acne scars, wrinkles and skin revitalization treatments. Clinical data shows better clearance in fewer treatments

How does Pico laser work?

The Pico laser uses photomechanical energy, or pressure waves, delivered in picosecond bursts to target the ink particles in the skin and pulverize them. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second, 1000 times shorter than a nanosecond. These extremely short bursts of energy prevent heat from accumulating, which makes the tattoo removal process less painful. Plus, the rapid energy pulses break the ink into much smaller particles that can be more easily absorbed and eliminated by the body.

What's the difference between Pico Laser and Q-Switched Laser?

PicoSure lasers deliver rapid pulses in picoseconds—literally, a trillionth of a second—to the tattooed area to break up the small tattoo ink particles. ... PicoSure patients report shorter recovery time compared to Q-switched lasers and fewer treatments to remove the tattoo.


What are the possible side effects?

Most patients experience mild redness and swelling immediately following the treatment. These side effects are temporary and typically resolve in several hours. Over the course of a few days, the treated sun spots and freckles will become darker and flake off as they heal, revealing a new, even complexion.

Is there any downtime associated with the treatment?

Although you may experience mild redness and swelling for a few hours following the treatment, you can expect to return to your regular activities immediately following the treatment.

Before & After

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