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3D Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Make up

Stay beautiful at any time of day and night

  • Semi-Permanent Make up for Eyebrow (Microshading)

"Makeup" look, Less scaming, Good for all skin, Good for caverups.


  • Semi-Permanent Make up for Eyeliner


Immediately after↓ painfree&no downtime

  • Semi-Permanent Make up for Lips


How long does Semi-Permanent Make-up last?

What is the difference between cosmetic tattoos and semi-permanent make-up?

Cosmetic tattoos:
 - May use the same ink as body tattoos
 - Placed in the deeper layers of skin
 - Discolors to a bluish-tray color over time
 - Looks drastic and unnatural
 - Permanent, difficult to alter
 - Can only be removed by costly laser tattoo removal procedures, often needs multiple sessions
 - Committed to one look that may become outdated

Semi-Permanent make up:
 - Long-Time-Liner® colors derived of natural mineral ingredients: no synthetic chemical dyes or heavy metals
 - Placed in the topmost layer of the skin
 - No discoloration of the color pigment
 - Enhances your features while maintaining a natural appearance
 - Not Permanent. Lasts 1-3 years depending on skin metabolism and type
 - Make-up will fade and disappear over time and allows clients to adjust to changing beauty trends

Semi-Permanent Make-up can last 1-3 years depending on skin metabolism, type, and external factors such as sun damage. The more skin you shed and regenerate, the lighter the color will be.

Why can’t I just get Semi-Permanent make-up done once?

From the way semi-permanent make-up is formulated and placed, the color will fade. This is because our color is made from natural mineral ingredients and the depth of the skin we pigment. Tattoo ink doesn’t fade after being placed because of its harsh properties and also it is usually placed way deeper in the skin. Secondly, we require a follow-up because we want our clients to be happy with the results. For the best results, semi-permanent make-up is applied, the skin naturally heals, and then the area is followed-up 2-3 weeks later.


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